Steve Hauschildt – “Saccade” (Feat. Julianna Barwick)

Former Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt has been releasing electronic music under his own name since 2011, the most recent of which was 2016’s Strands. He’s just announced that his newest collection, called Dissolvi, will come out in August.

“Much of it was recorded in a windowless studio which removed elemental or seasonal references to time in the music,” Hauschildt said in a press release. “The focus this time was on mixing the album and incorporating a broader set of instrumentation. I describe my compositional approach as being quasi­-generative.”

The first track that Hauschildt is sharing from the album is “Saccade,” which features vocals from Julianna Barwick. It sounds like a enveloping waking dream, but Hauschildt hints that there’s a little more under the surface than that, noting that the gently pulsing below Barwick’s vocals is meant to mirror the constantly watching eye of the surveillance state.

Listen to it below.

01 “M Path”
02 “Phantox”
03 “Saccade” (Feat. Julianna Barwick)
04 “Alienself”
05 “Aroid”
06 “Syncope” (Feat. GABI)
07 “Lyngr”
08 “Dissolvi”

Dissolvi is out 8/3 via Ghostly International. Pre-order it here.