Bad Religion – “The Kids Are Alt-Right”

Californian punk rock greats Bad Religion have been releasing music since 1982, and so they’ve seen wave after wave of political action and reaction in this country. They’ve presumably played shows where different factions of skinheads brawled with one another, and they’ve always tried to make their melodic, bruising anthems as incisive and political as possible. So it’s enormously gratifying to see the band rumbling back into operation to condemn the wave of young-folks fascism that’s taken over way too many people in this country.

Bad Religion haven’t released a studio album since 2013’s True North, but they came ripping back today with “The Kids Are Alt-Right,” a catchy and deeply satisfying melody-surge about new permutations of racism. Bad Religion haven’t typically spent much time playing around with irony, but this new song is pure, bitter sarcasm.

Sample lyrics: “If you feel alone and downtrodden, there’s an elixir for your ills / Join the alt-right post-light endarkenment order, and the rest of those bastards can go to hell.” God, I hope nobody takes this one at face value. Check it out below.

“The Kids Are Alt-Right” is out now at iTunes.

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