Code Orange – “The Hunt” (Feat. Corey Taylor) & “3 Knives”

Last year, the skull-smashing Pittsburgh-based hardcore-sludge unit Code Orange leveled up with their third LP, Forever. It was also the band’s first release on Roadrunner, a label that’s been slowly and judiciously improving its roster with some premium talent. Seriously, look at this lineup beyond the nu-metal and scene-core stuff: Turnstile? Kvelertak? I guess the label cut ties with Wild Throne, which is a shame because that band was killer, too. Who knows. Just the same, those are some good fucking groups around which to reboot a legacy metal label.

Of course, Roadrunner is still a legacy metal label, too, so they’ve also got stuff like Gojira (somehow in their prime 15 years into their career) and Korn (probably still a unit-mover relative to the field), and Slipknot AS WELL AS Stone Sour, the less-metal alias-project of Slipknot frontman and grade-A beef-slinger Corey Taylor. (Incidentally, Taylor’s never-ending spat with Chad Kroeger must have been an uncomfortable situation for Taylor’s labelmates-slash-Kroeger’s proteges — Kroteges? — Theory Of A Deadman.)

ANYWAY, Code Orange are about to drop an EP that acts as a companion piece of sorts to Forever. It’s called The Hurt Will Go On, so if you mash up the two records’ respective titles, it reads: “The Hurt Will Go On Forever.” Or, alternately, “Forever The Hurt Will Go On.” It’s got two new songs and three remixes. And in the true spirit of corporate synergy, one of the new songs — “The Hunt” — features the aforementioned Corey Taylor.

Pretty good get for the Code Orange Kids-no-more, huh? Pretty smart of Taylor to associate himself with one of the hottest hard-music bands on the planet, too. A win for all! That said, for what it’s worth, I prefer the OTHER new CO song, “3 Knives,” which has zero features (but it does have a Duran Duran sample on the fade, if I’m not mistaken). But both are total burners, and if you’re headed to the gym or playing Call Of Duty or scoring an MMA commercial or whatever the fuck you do that requires high-impact tunage, you’re covered. Both songs are out today and you can spin ‘em here (embedded below in the order they appear on the EP, which happens to mirror my own personal ranking).

Here’s a link to stream/buy the new EP.