Liars – “No Now Not Your Face” Video

Liars composed the score for 1/1, the first feature film from writer/director Jeremy Phillips. While Liars has been Angus Andrew’s solo project since 2017, the 1/1 soundtrack was written and recorded immediately after the band’s 2014 album Mess, making it the last Liars material to feature Aaron Hemphill before his amicable departure to focus on his own Nonpareils project.

1/1 is a formally experimental drama that follows a 20-year-old woman in rural Pennsylvania and her struggles with sex, drugs, love and loss. The film and its soundtrack are highly intertwined, and the process of creating both was highly collaborative. Director Jeremy Phillips gave Liars abstract descriptions of the emotional cues he was going for, and he ended up editing and recutting the film to match their work.

We’ve already heard one song from Liars’ soundtrack, “Liquorice,” which they shared along with a music video from the film’s director. Now they’ve shared another song, which also comes with a video from Phillips and Matt Detisch featuring footage from the film. Compared to the assaultive synth-punk of “Liquorice,” “No Now Not Your Face” is a subtler beast, thriving on minimal electronic percussion and mounting tension that never quite boils over. Listen below.

1/1 premieres this Thursday, 6/28, at a special screening and Q&A in Los Angeles featuring Liars’s Angus Andrew alongside director Jeremy Phillips and actors Lindsey Shaw, Judd Nelson, and Dendrie Taylor. The movie is officially out 7/17, and Liars’ soundtrack is out 7/20 on Mute. Pre-order it here.