Emma Ruth Rundle – “Fever Dreams”

Emma Ruth Rundle writes shadowy, slow-burning goth-folk that holds the capacity to both devastate and invigorate. The Louisville-based singer’s last album, Marked For Death, was mesmerizing — filled with atmospheric, emotive melodies cut by bursts of dark energy. The last we heard from the Marriages and Red Sparrowes member was the benefit track, “Forever, As The Setting Son,” the proceeds of which went to Planned Parenthood.

After two years of relentless touring, Rundle has returned with a new collection of songs that will make up her third LP On Dark Horses, out in September via Sargent House. Today, we get the chance to hear “Fever Dreams,” the first single off of the equestrian-centric album, which features labelmate Jay Jayle’s members Evan Patterson and Todd Cook as well as Wovenhand’s Dylan Nadon.

Rundle’s songwriting has a kind of propulsive, sprawling grandeur, which shines especially bright on “Fever Dreams.” The album-opening track has Rundle’s characteristically heavy sensibility, but is rounded out by vivid instrumentation that slowly builds to something more uplifting. Lyrically, “Fever Dreams” explores fear. Rundle’s voice rings out as she sings, “A life spent uneasy, in pieces, always in pieces here/ A life rent out completely, release me away from fever dreams.” Hear it below.

01 “Fever Dreams”
02 “Control”
03 “Darkhorse”
04 “Races”
05 “Dead Set Eyes”
06 “Light Song”
07 “Apathy On The Indiana Border”
08 “You Don’t Have To Cry”

On Dark Horses is due out 9/14 via Sargent House. Pre-orders are available here.