Teyana Taylor Says “We Got Love” Should Be Back On K.T.S.E. This Weekend

Teyana Taylor’s K.T.S.E. was over a day late to streaming services, and we now know that sample clearances are to blame for the delay. In her interview on Big Boy’s radio show, she said they had to scrap a whole song because of the issues. With eager fans, the livestream in motion, and the end of Kanye’s month-long Wyoming series, Taylor felt pressure to put something out. “With Ye, he really wanted me to be happy, and he knew that the wait was killing me,” she mentions.

The previously unreleased song, entitled “We Got Love,” will be on streaming services this weekend. “Saturday, Sunday, you’ll hear the complete version of the album,” Taylor said. “At the end of ‘Issues,’ I had the Sade piece in there. The end of ‘Rose in Harlem,’ I had [Lauryn Hill’s] ‘Lost Ones’ in there, and I was really talking that shit…Once y’all hear the album next week, you’ll see what I’m talking about, because it’s way more complete.” Listen to the full interview below.