Slothrust – “Peach”

Slothrust – “Peach”

Slothrust, the bluesy Brooklyn-based alt-rock power trio, released their Everyone Else album two years ago, and now they’ve announced plans to follow that one up with The Pact, their fourth LP. The band recorded this one with Garbage producer Billy Bush, and judging by first single “The Peach,” they’re continuing that band’s tradition of crunchy, polished, ridiculously hooky music that, at one point in the not-too-distant past, would’ve been considered radio rock.

“The Peach” is big, hooky, old-school rocker with a slightly discordant groove and one hell of a chorus. It will jerk you back to the ’90s just as forcefully as the sight of a mock turtleneck in an old Friends episode. Talking about the song to Billboard, frontwoman Leah Wellbaum says this:

“Peach” started with a riff I wrote on a classical guitar when I was on the East Coast — the intro with that really dissonant note. That riff was constant in my head. The rest of the song just came to me very naturally.

“Peach” is a song to my inner child, encouraging her to stay free and keep it weird, and to remind her that people who used to make you feel small are ultimately unimportant. It’s also about seeing where your own mind takes you. Playfulness can be found in free association, then figuring out what those connections are afterward.

Listen to the song below, via Billboard.

The Pact is out 9/14 on Dangerbird.

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