Watch Out Jon Bon Jovi — John Legend’s Also Getting Into The Rosé Business

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but millennials love wine. Rosé, in particular, is on the rise — according to Nielsen, rosé sales have risen 64% since last year. And you know who else loves rosé, and also money? Celebrities. Drew Barry has a rosé. Brad Pitt and Angelina, despite their divorce, still have a rosé company together. Jon Bon Jovi and his 23-year-old son Jesse just launched a new rosé called Hampton Water. And now, as the summer heats up and rosé sales do too, John Legend is also getting into the game.

John Legend’s son is only two months old and his daughter is two, so for now, neither of them are involved in his new rosé. (Maybe when they’re 21.) Instead, as The New York Times reports, Legend created the Côtes de Provence Rosé with French vintner Jean-Charles Boisset, and the wine is made with grapes grown in southern France. According to the website, the wine is “highly aromatic with delicate notes of peach blossom, raspberry and apricot,” and “on the palate, crisp light notes of fresh picked strawberry and white nectarine lead to an elegant, lengthy and a mineral finish.” Sounds good! Although it won’t be distributed nationally until sometime next year, you can buy a bottle for $25 online.

The Côtes de Provence Rosé is actually the fourth wine that Legend and Boisset have produced together under Legend’s LVE wine label, which stands for Legend Vineyard Estates. Legend officially launched the wine last week with an outdoor concert sponsored by Airbnb at the home of decorator Kelly Wearstler in Beverly Hills. At the show, he played “La Vie en Rose,” because of course he did.

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