Muncie Girls – “Falling Down”

Muncie Girls – “Falling Down”

Last month, the Exeter, UK punk trio Muncie Girls announced their upcoming record, Fixed Ideals, a follow-up to their tremendous debut LP, From Caplan to Belsize. With their debut full-length, Muncie Girls garnered a reputation for crunchy punk songs uplifted by their particular brand of brainy lyricism. Their songs get stuck in your head, each one brimming over with energy stemming from politically-fueled angst and full-bodied instrumentation (not to mention some pretty stellar guitar work). We’ve already heard the band’s first single, “Picture Of Health,” from the new album, which we included on our 5 Best Songs Of The Week list.

Today, Muncie Girls are sharing a new singled called “Falling Down.” Although alcoholism is the lyrical crux of this track, it serves as a scaffold for exploring broader inter-personal issues like giving up one’s time a little too easily to those who aren’t necessarily deserving. Muncie Girls continue to sound raw and loud — packing in killer riffs and catchy melodies in three minutes — but they dial it back just enough to explore some vulnerability underneath a poppy veneer. It’s a good preview of the new album’s more introspective direction and despite its contemplative song matter, “Falling Down” still manages to sound fun as hell. Listen below.

Fixed Ideals is out 8/31 on Buzz Records & Specialist Subject. It’s available for pre-order here.

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