Insane Clown Posse Release Video About The Poor Quality Furry Suit Violent J’s Daughter Bought On AliExpress

Apparently not content with being born into one oft-mocked subculture involving elaborate costumes, Ruby Bruce Lee, the young daughter of Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J, is also a furry. And in the first episode of The Snake Busters, the new video series in which she and her dad “single handedly and heroically catch, crush, and contain the world’s most chaotic, criminal, crooked businesses and maliciously evil, satanic villains to ever inhabit our universe,” she busts the snake that is OISK Mascot by enumerating all of the issues with the poor quality $750 furry suit that her dad ordered her from online retailer AliExpress.

What was wrong with the furry suit? Let me count the ways. One: Instead of one pink eye and one blue eye, as advertised, it had two purple eyes. Two: She could barely see out of the nose. Three: The seller, OISK, which may or may not stand for “Outrageously Insane Snakey Krooks,” wouldn’t send additional photos after the purchase. Four: The suit’s hands were “floppy, cheap, flimsy, oversized mittens.” And five: While the mask was “standard sized” in the picture advertised, “what they sent was a monster mug, a mask big enough to fit nine heads inside!” Truly horrifying.

Insane Clown Posse posted the video on their Facebook page this weekend, and if you are so inclined, you can watch Violent J and his daughter angrily discuss furry suits below. “This is just our first of many episodes in the months to come,” the video’s description on Facebook reads. “Many snakes will fall in the future! The Snake Busters won’t stop until all of these damn dogs are done sharing our air and good cheating people out of there honestly made, hard earned money.” Truly, they are doing the lord’s work. No word yet if all the videos will be furry-themed. Watch below.