Saul Williams – “The Flaw You Worship”

Saul Williams – “The Flaw You Worship”

Saul Williams released his last album MartyrLoserKing in 2016. He’ll be following that up with a musical film that he wrote and directed called Neptune Frost, which is based around the character of MartyrLoserKing, and he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to complete the film.

Today, he’s released a new song called “The Flaw You Worship” to promote the Kickstarter. The track references the current surge of African American cinema. “It’s a character flaw that they are blind to in themselves than the characters they create,” Williams says over a skittering drum. “The heroes and protagonists in the films and literature reek of the same oversight.” A synth chills and glitches. “We were born without firewalls. There’s no way of keeping unwanted viruses or information out of our system,” he recites. “You’re always the ghost in the machine.”

The trailer for Neptune Frost shows similar themes. “Hack into comfort and compliance. Hack into doctrine,” one character whispers. Computer parts litter the room. “Capitalism in relation to free labor and slavery.” Lin-Manuel Miranda, best known for Hamilton, has pledged as an executive producer. Kara Walker is an associate producer. Listen to “The Flaw You Worship” below.

Watch the trailer for Neptune Frost and support the project via Kickstarter.

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