Stream Anna Meredith’s Score For Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade

Stream Anna Meredith’s Score For Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade

Scottish musician Anna Meredith composed her first-ever film score for Eighth Grade. The movie, which was directed and written by Bo Burnham, follows a 13-year-old-girl (played by Elsie Fisher) through her last week of middle school. It comes out in select theaters today.

The score is primarily made up of new compositions, though Meredith sneaks a few highlights from her past work in when appropriate, including her 2012 breakout “Nautilus” and “Honeyed Worlds,” off her 2016 debut album Varmints.

Meredith’s music has always been playfully dark, which lends itself well to the early adolescent pubescence that the film explores. There’s whimsical cotton candy-hued segments that also sound sort of terrifying, like the rush of emotions you’d typically feel when you’re 13 and awkward as hell and also excited all the time, for seemingly no reason.

Check out the score below.

The Eighth Grade soundtrack is out now via Columbia.

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