Richard Thompson – “The Storm Won’t Come” & “Bones Of Gilead”

Three years ago, the legendary British folk guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson released Still, an album produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. He’s back this year with 13 Rivers, one Thompson produced himself. It’s his first self-produced album in over 10 years.

Thompson is complementing the announcement of 13 Rivers by releasing two of its tracks. First up is a rhythmically pummeling and emotionally heavy number that ably brings together his backgrounds in traditional folk and classic rock. It actually has me wondering if Thompson was a stealth influence on Radiohead — or maybe Radiohead influenced Thompson here? Either way, can’t you just imagine Thom Yorke mewling and growling over this scraping, pounding, melodramatic backdrop?

13 Rivers was recorded in analog in 10 days, and you can hear that roughshod immediacy in the mix, particularly on the other new song “Bones Of Gilead.” It’s an upbeat minor-key guitar-pop track that reminds me of Dire Straits or a more shadowy Fleetwood Mac. Listen to it below along with “The Storm Won’t Come” — which, come to think of it, actually sounds very much like a storm coming.

01 “The Storm Won’t Come”
02 “The Rattle Within”
03 “Her Love Was Meant For Me”
04 “Bones Of Gilead”
05 “The Dog In You”
06 “Trying”
07 “Do All These Tears Belong To You?”
08 “My Rock, My Rope”
09 “You Can’t Reach Me”
10 “O Cinderella”
11 “No Matter”
12 “Pride”
13 “Shaking The Gates”

13 Rivers is out 9/14 on New West/Proper Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Tom Beygrowicz