Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Blueberry Jam” Video

Will Oldham has shared a new Bonnie “Prince” Billy song called “Blueberry Jam.” True to its title, it’s a jam about the wonderful qualities of blueberries. “When life is tough and very scary/ My wife and I, we chomp a blueberry,” goes its opening lines.

Per a press release, the song came about after Oldham and his wife ate THC-laced chocolate-covered blueberries soon after the false missile alert that was sent in Hawaii at the beginning of the year. Oldham wrote the song during that experience, and then repurposed it a few weeks later to help out his friend that was opening a weed shop in California.

The new song comes attached to a video directed by Tim Morton that features Oldham and his wife painted completely blue in a blueberry field. It’s intercut with comedic segments about the fruit — as pills, as a nice bath accompaniment, as politicians.

Watch and listen below.

“Blueberry Jam” is out now via Drag City.