Justin Vernon & Phil Cook – “Ate Up All Thier Cake”

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has shared a draft of a song he co-wrote with Phil Cook, who plays alongside Vernon in Shouting Matches and is currently a member of the freak-folk band Megafaun. The track is called “Ate Up All Thier Cake” and Vernon is the lead vocalist with Cook accompanying him on piano.

The song was shared on Vernon and the Dessner brothers’ new website PEOPLE. The site has been described as a “publishing platform” designed “to de-formalize some of the artifice and structure that goes into releasing music, and to get a little bit closer to the creative and collaborative process, and to the people.”

Vernon and Aaron Dessner recently shared new music as Big Red Machine. Of the Cook collaboration, PEOPLE says: “This is a rough draft of a song Phil and Justin worked on last summer. We want to finish it but haven’t had time in the same space to do so. Were open to ideas.”

Additionally, the duo says they “might have snuck a sample of a live James Taylor 1997 in there.” You can listen to “Ate Up All Thier Cake” here.