Tomberlin – “I’m Not Scared”

We named Tomberlin an Artist To Watch based on the power of her intimate confessional indie-rock balladry. “I’m Not Scared,” the latest single from her upcoming Saddle Creek release At Weddings, is one of the most intimate and confessional of them all — one of the most powerful, too. It’s just Sarah Beth Tomberlin and a piano, arpeggiating her way through a tearjerking chord progression as she mournfully recites lyrics that will stop you in your tracks. Like these, for instance:

And it felt so strange when I said it out loud
That I look for redemption in everyone else
But funny thing is that I always hated church
Spend so much time looking that I forgot to search

Or how about these:

And to be a woman is to be in pain
And my body reminds me almost every day
That I was made for another, but I don’t want to know that
Cause it happened once and I always look back

Yeah. Feeling pretty bowled over right now. Check it out below.

At Weddings is out 8/10 on Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

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