JEFF The Brotherhood – “Parachute”

Jake and Jamin Orrall, the relentlessly prolific siblings known as JEFF The Brotherhood, are gearing up to put out another album called Magick Songs, the followup to 2016’s Zone and the previous year’s Global Chakra Rhythms. This new LP is marking a pretty major shift for the brothers by adding new members to the lineup: Jack Lawrence of the Dead Weather/the Raconteurs and Kunal Prakash of Viva L’American Death Ray Music. Magick Songs will also feature collaborations with Daddy Issues’ Jenna Moynihan and Bully’s Reece Lazarus, both of whom you can hear on the lead single “Parachute,” out today.

The new song sounds spacey and ecclesiastical, flirting with some newer influences that the full album will showcase like Japanese experimental music and Gamelan Indonesian forms. From the sound of this track’s experimental, twisty composition, it’s a pretty stark difference from their days of cyclically-structured garage rock. On the upcoming LP, you can also expect to hear touches of heavy psych, drones, and metal blended together and rounded out by the duo’s ramshackle charm.

According to a recent press statement, “The lyrics for ‘Parachute’ began with a dream Jamin had that seemed to fall into place within the themes of the album as a whole, an off world interplanetary/interplanar apocalypse, a psychic battle against an impossibly powerful destructive force not only in the physical dimension but in one’s own mind and humanity’s collective consciousness.” The psych-oriented track is loose enough for new sounds to breeze through but still solid enough to flex JTB’s powerful songwriting. You can listen below and then check out the full tracklist for Magick Songs.

01 “Focus On The Magick”
02 “Camel Swallowed Whole”
03 “Singing Garden”
04 “Parachute”
05 “Celebration”
06 “Locator”
07 “Wasted Lands”
08 “Relish”
09 “The Mother”
10 “Magick Man”
11 “Heavy Journey”
12 “Farewell To The Sun”

Magick Sounds is out 9/7 via Dine Alone. You can pre-order it here.