My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields Shows Off His Jazzmaster Collection

Fender is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Jazzmaster by talking to musicians who love the guitar. One of those musicians is My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, who gave a rare video interview from his studio in Ireland to talk about his experiences with Fender over the years. He talks about a lot of the guitars that he owns — and he has quite a few of them — and reflects on his first encounter with a Fender.

He first saw Rowland Howard of the Birthday Party playing a Jaguar, a Jazzmaster offshoot, and knew that’s what he desired. “I wanted that shape, but I had never actually seen a Jazzmaster in Ireland until ’88.” He then talks about the first time he used a Jazzmaster — a ’64 red one — when recording the You Made Me Realise EP in 1988. The first song he wrote with it was “Thorn,” and that very quickly was followed up by “Slow.”

Check out the whole interview below.