SPELLLING – “Hard To Please” Video

Bay Area experimental artist Tia Cabral is the force behind the experimental electronic project SPELLLING. In 2017 Cabral wrote, performed and produced her first full-length album, Pantheon of Me, all from her apartment in Berkeley. Her new 7″ is due out 8/3 by way of Sacred Bones, and today we’re sharing the A-side, “Hard To Please” plus some eerie accompanying visuals.

SPELLLING’s music moves like a swirling potion, both diffuse and opaque. On “Hard To Please,” the pulsating metallic beat slinks into the shadows as Cabral’s haunting voice inches higher and higher. The spooky video finds a hyper-saturated Cabral singing and staring directly into the camera as her figure morphs and distorts like she’s made of liquid metal. As Cabral explained over email, “Video producer Laneya Billingsley aka Billie0cean and I wanted to animate the fantasies of the heart high on desire. The video builds a landscape infected by overwhelming passion for an unrequited love.”

Listen and watch below.

The “Hard To Please” 7″ is due out 8/03 via Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.