Stream Denzel Curry TAI300: Act 1

Denzel Curry is just 23, but he’s still an elder statesman. In his work with SpaceGhostPurrp and Raider Klan near the beginning of this decade, Curry helped pioneer the dark, grimy, lo-fi cult-rap sound that eventually evolved into SoundCloud-rap. But Curry himself is a more gifted, versatile rapper than most of the young artists who he’s influenced. He can bring snarling fuck-the-world energy with the best of them, but he’s also a gifted technical force, and he’s got a whole lot of ideas.

Case in point: This week, Curry is releasing an album in three parts. The new LP TAI300 (that’s Taboo, basically) is divided into three parts: Light, Gray, and Dark. He’s releasing one of those albums per day for the next three days. And today, he’s shared the Light portion of the record.

The first four-song chunk of the album is sunny approachable squelch-funk, full of synths and melodies. GoldLink shows up on one song, and he could serve as a guiding influence for this first third of the album. The only song where Curry really brings back his old intensity is the very good “Sumo,” which is also the last song on this part of the album. Maybe that’s some clue of how the next four songs will sound. Listen to the first act of the album below.

TAI300 is in the process of coming out on Loma Vista.

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