IDLES – “Samaritans”

I was impressed with IDLES’ recent pro-immigrant anthem “Danny Nedelko” and its video starring Nedelko himself. It struck a surprisingly deft balance between political commentary and boisterous fun, its jagged post-punk verses segueing into a pleasingly boorish pub howler of a chorus.

The Bristol punks have another new track from their forthcoming Joy As An Act Of Resistance out today. It’s called “Samaritans,” and again it’s a fiery polemic about a contentious topic of the moment — this time toxic masculinity. Buyer beware, this one’s even more on-the-nose than the last, with Joe Talbot barking, “Grow some balls!” and “This is why you never see your father cry!” and “I kissed a boy and I liked it!” But IDLES seem to be the sort of band who transcend corniness by virtue of conviction and intensity. In their hands, clichés are more like blunt weapons.

Here’s Talbot with more:

There’s been a long line of bullshit that has pushed men into a corner, where simple masking becomes a trope of masculinity and a catalyst for insanity. What we wear, what we eat, what razor we use, high performance chewing gum, go faster shampoo, how we treat women, how we treat ourselves, how we die. I truly believe that masculinity has gone from an evolution of cultural praxis to a disease. I wanted to encourage a conversation about gender roles by writing this song.

Check out “Samaritans” below.

Joy As An Act Of Resistance is out 8/31 on Partisan. Pre-order it here.