Watch Mark Kozelek Sing A New 12-Minute Song About Hungry Cats He Met In Montenegro

Sun Kil Moon performed in Kotor, Montenegro on 7/21 at Sea Rock Festival and during the set, Mark Kozelek broke out a new song. He wrote it about the time he spent hanging out in the seaside town. “Woke up this morning hungry/ Walked along the bay of Kotor/ There’s a market down there, past the sailboats, down the gravel road,” he starts. “I went looking for the kittens I saw last night/ And their protective mother.”

From there, Kozelek describes petting a stray kitten who was dying from hunger. “There’s nothing I hate more than the sound of hungry animals crying!” Kozelek wails. The 12-minute tale unfurls from there, and yes, Kozelek ends up feeding the cats.

It’s important to note that Kozelek also knows what a meme is now, thanks to Phoebe Bridgers. Check out fan-shot footage below.

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