National Transportation Safety Board Wants You To Cool It With The #InMyFeelings Challenge

Drake’s single “In My Feelings,” off of his new double album Scorpion, topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the second week in a row, which means that it is absolutely inescapable. If you go through the day without wondering whether or not Kiki (Keke? help) loves Drake and is, in fact, riding, then bless your heart!

“In My Feelings” is so ubiquitous that it has inspired a dance craze that requires you to dance in the street when the chorus drops. A lot of participants are taking the #InMyFeelings Challenge a step further by jumping out of moving cars to dance in the street when the chorus drops. It’s like the #IceBucketChallenge but instead of just being very cold you might actually die.

The trend started when the viral social media star Shiggy shared the choreographed dance on his socials. Celebrities and normal people started mimicking him, posting their exploits on social media. In a matter of weeks, the videos were all over the internet; just the other day, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp of Stranger Things fame shared a clip of themselves doing the challenge. In that case, the car was in park, and thank god for that because they are literally children.

Now, the National Transportation Safety Board — the federal agency that handles highway, railroad, and aviation incidents — is asking that everyone please stop participating in the #InMyFeelings Challenge. Why? Because it is dangerous.

“We have some thoughts about the #InMyFeelings challenge. #Distraction in any mode is dangerous & can be deadly. Whether you are a #driver, #pilot, or #operator, focus on safely operating your vehicle,” the NTSB tweeted in response to a story the Blast published. The NTSB linked away to a page on their official website about eliminating distractions on the road.

Watch Shiggy’s original viral video below.

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