Mick Jenkins – “Bruce Banner”

Mick Jenkins just dropped a fiery new track called “Bruce Banner.” It’s his first offering since his no more EP series — the last of which we heard back in February — and it comes as the Chicago rapper is gearing up to release his full-length follow-up to 2016’s The Healing Component.

First things first: Bruce Banner is the Hulk’s timid, reserved alter ego. Jenkins is anything but shy on this track. He’s fearless, and his sharp aggression cuts deep. His most evocative line: “Honestly can’t nobody come for me except Kendrick/ And I hope you offended.”

Jenkins also name-drops the late Paul Walker, interior designer Nate Brekus, Houston Rocket James Harden, Alex Cross novelist James Patterson, and Roots writer Alex Haley to name a few. He spits for almost three minutes, while routinely shouting, “Fuck wrong wit ‘em.” He’s in no way modest. Listen below.

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