The Dodos – “Forum”

It’s been three years since the Dodos’ last studio album Individ. And in that interim we’ve only heard two loosies: last year’s “Mirror Fake” off the benefit compilation Philia: Artists Rise Against Islamophobia and 2016’s American Football cover “Never Meant” for Polyvinyl’s 20th anniversary comp.

Good news: They’re back! Today the Bay area duo are announcing their forthcoming full-length Certainty Waves and sharing its lead single “Forum.” The layered track leaps, twitching with energy. It has a grungy edge that leans away from some of their earlier, more folkier tunes. The lyrics still maintain a bright bounce.

In the Joe Baughman-directed music video — an Apple Music exclusive for the next two weeks — a girl in a movie theater gets sucked in the screen, and from there things get slightly nightmarish: two dudes wrestle, a guy with a book for a head does the crab walk, and a strip of film is forced down the main girl’s throat. Watch the video here, and listen to the strictly audio version of “Forum” below.

01 “Forum”
02 “IF”
03 “Coughing”
04 “Center of”
05 “SW3″
06 “Excess”
07 “Ono Fashion”
08 “Sort of”
09 “Dial Tone”

Certainty Waves will be out 10/12 via Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Andy de Santis