Nothing – “The Carpenter’s Son”

Y’all, this new Nothing album is spectacular. You probably already realize this if you’re at all familiar with their discography, but if you have a taste for super heavy shoegaze capable of transporting you into a state of crushing supernatural reverie, Dance On The Blacktop is an LP you’ll want to spend some time with when it drops later this month. In the meantime you can enjoy advance singles “Zero Day,” “Blue Line Baby” (my personal favorite), and the new one they rolled out today.

“The Carpenter’s Son” is Nothing at their most serene. Over the course of eight minutes, it undergoes a bit of dynamic fluctuation, but mostly it’s a gorgeous slow-drift that demonstrates how powerful Nothing can be without ever roaring the way they often do. “Nothing’s a surprise,” goes the refrain, which may be a self-referential wink regarding the way they’ve subverted their usual M.O. here but is probably just a proclamation of the inevitability of all things.

Dig into the track below, and if you haven’t checked out our cover story on the new album yet, consider this your reading soundtrack.

Dance On The Blacktop is out 8/24 on Relapse. Pre-order it here.

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