Quavo – “Lamb Talk,” “Bubblegum,” & “Workin Me”

Quavo, the most visible of the three Migos, is a great rapper, but he’s also a great rapper who’s constantly putting himself at risk of overexposure. At the beginning of the year, Migos released the ridiculously overstuffed double album Culture II, which Quavo dominated. Since then (and before then, too), all three Migos, Quavo in particular, have been all over the featured-guest circuit. And now, this morning, Quavo has come out with three new solo singles. It sure is lucky he’s a great rapper.

Quavo recorded two of the three new songs, “Lamb Talk” and “Bubble Gum,” with producer Buddah Bless. “Lamb Talk” is a flat, hard song, with a chanted hook and verses that give Quavo a chance to flex. “Bubble Gum,” by contrast, is a woozy singsong gurgle. And the Murda Beatz-produced “Workin Me” is both spaced-out and playful.

Of the three songs, I’d say “Lamb Talk” is the winner. But if you’ve managed not to get sick of Quavo up until now, they’re all three worth hearing. I remain fond of the way Quavo ad-libs his tracks by doing funereal Auto-Tuned moan-singing. Check out all three songs below.

All three tracks are out on the streaming services now. I’m very curious about the rationale between releasing them as individual singles rather than clustering them together as an EP.

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