Guerilla Toss – “Green Apple”

A little over a year ago, Guerilla Toss released GT Ultra, which turned out to be one of the best albums of 2017. And last month, we got the news that the achievements of GT Ultra wouldn’t slow down Guerilla Toss’ steady output; its followup, Twisted Crystal, arrives this September. We already heard one preview of the album via “Meteorological,” an addicting and propulsive track that ranked as one of our favorite songs that week. Today, the group is back with another single in the form of “Green Apple.”

If “Meteorological” was any indication, Twisted Crystal will find Guerilla Toss moving further from their more abrasive roots by continue to explore their skewed, idiosyncratic take on some kind of pop music. “Green Apple” partially confirms that, but it’s also not quite as direct as the unrelenting pulse in “Meteorological.” Rather, “Green Apple” is built on a frantic swirl, not rushing forward but playing out like a transmission from the center of a hurricane.

That’s what this band has become increasingly adept at, taking those genre collisions and dense rhythmic structures that we associate with the best DFA acts and deploying them with often-perfect balance. There are synth drones, and classic rock guitar lines, and insistent krautrock percussion, and disembodied horns all crashing together into one big buzzing mass in “Green Apple,” lending it a generally hypnotic atmosphere. At first, Kassie Carlson’s detached sing-speak vocal approach makes it sound like a person overcome by all that distortion. But that makes the brightness of the chorus that much stronger, the gleaming pop beacon blaring out from within “Green Apple.” Check it out below.

Twisted Crystal is out 9/14 via DFA. Pre-order it here.