Eric Church – “Heart Like A Wheel”

One of the dumbest controversies in recent months came after the country star Eric Church, in a Rolling Stone cover profile, made some extremely mild criticisms of the NRA and said that he might’ve voted for Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump. (Church had played at the Las Vegas country festival where scores of people were murdered.) This, naturally, led to shit like NRA spokesmonster Dana Loesch blasting Church and Fox News devoting an entire segment to people tweeting that they weren’t Church fans anymore.

Well, fuck ‘em. Church continues to make very, very good country music, and I have a hard time imagining that his whole fanbase will magically evaporate because he doesn’t want to see any more gun massacres. Church has a new album called Desperate Man coming out this fall, and we’ve already posted the title track, a charmingly funky little rollick with a whole lot of “Sympathy For The Devil” in it. And today, Church has shared another single, the ballad “Heart Like A Wheel.”

“Heart Like A Wheel” is a big, bluesy, soulful jam. It doesn’t sound anywhere near as clean as most Nashville country ballads. Instead, it’s got the organ-led thickness of old-school Southern soul. Check it out below.

Desperate Man is out 10/5 on EMI Nashville.

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