Cardi B – “Ring” (Feat. Kehlani) Video

Earlier this year, Cardi B released her album Invasion Of Privacy, a ridiculously fun and engaging pop-rap album. Ever since, Cardi’s longer-tenured peers on rap’s A-list have been showing us how difficult that is. Most of this year’s big-ticket rap albums have been rote and bloated and boring, but Invasion Of Privacy still stands as a record that’s full of life and energy. And now it has another single.

“Ring,” one of the album’s relationship songs, certainly seemed like a deep cut on the album. Even with a hook from R&B singer Kehlani, it’s a relatively sedate track, a warning to a nonresponsive dude. But every song on Invasion Of Privacy sounds like a potential hit, and now “Ring” has a video from director mikeho.

In the clip, Cardi and Kehlani make calls in phone booths that are mysteriously floating in mid-air. Cardi also spends time in a brick room, with ropes pulling her in every direction. And Cardi and Kehlani strike hard poses in an empty black void, on what looks like a spaceship deck. It’s a throwback to the era where every R&B video seemed to take place in some sci-fi future. And while I’m not sure when the video was shot, it might be the first time Cardi has gone on film since she gave birth to her baby Kulture. She looks great! Watch the video below.

Invasion Of Privacy is out now on Atlantic.