Lala Lala – “Water Over Sex” Video

Next month, the recently-dubbed Band To Watch Lala Lala are releasing their sophomore album, The Lamb. We’ve already heard one track from it already — “Destroyer,” which landed on our list of the best songs of the week — and today Lillie West is sharing the album’s second single, “Water Over Sex.” The song title equates sustenance over pleasure, doing what’s best for you rather than following your gut to what feels right.

Throughout the song, West worries about outside perceptions. “You think I’m good, so I’m almost done wanting,” she sings. “You think I’m good, well, I want to be gooder.” She’s trying not to take judgements into account, learning that acceptance from others isn’t what she needs. Instead, she needs to do right by herself: “Decide where I’m from, they do what they like/ It isn’t important, it isn’t their life,” goes the end of the track. That last line reverberates back on itself, joining in with Lala Lala’s muddy watercolors to paint something that almost feels like resolution, with a lot of hard work.

“Water Over Sex” comes attached to a music video, with stop-motion constructed by Matthew James Wilson and Ginette Lapalm. They play out a narrative where the album’s titular lamb, who is relaxing on a beach, finds a note in a bottle telling them to be healthier. It’s intercut with webcam footage of West singing along to the song.

Listen and watch below.

The Lamb is out 9/27 via Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.