Pete Doherty Conquers The Mega Breakfast

Here’s a feel-good story to wash away your Wednesday woes: Pete Doherty, co-frontman of British domestic superstars the Libertines, won himself a free meal by wolfing down a gargantuan breakfast platter in under 20 minutes.

As indieheads points out, Doherty was dining at Dalby Cafe in Margate, the small Kent town where the Libertines are building a studio and a hotel and recently became the jersey sponsor for the local soccer team. Doherty sat outside with his dog and ordered the Mega Breakfast, a £17.50, 4,000-calorie platter including four eggs, four pieces of bacon, four sausages, a quarter-pound burger, hash browns, mushrooms, french fries (or chips, as the English call them), onion rings, bubble and squeak (a quiche of sorts made from boiled potatoes and cabbage), two slices of thick bread, and your choice of beans or tomatoes, with a mug of tea or coffee to wash it down. According to a sign in the restaurant, anyone who finishes the meal gets their name on the Wall Of Fame. Do it in under 20 minutes and you eat for free.

On Facebook, owner Mark Ezekiel wrote Doherty scarfed down the Mega Breakfast with half a minute to spare: “He came he saw he conquered, smashed it in 19.30 minutes.” The rocker didn’t even have to cheat by feeding some of it to his dog. Doherty reportedly told Ezekiel he wasn’t about to feed fried food to a £4,500 dog. And how did Doherty himself feel after completing the challenge? “He was pretty chuffed,” Ezekiel tells the BBC.

Doherty was once known for abusing drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin, and ketamine, but even after getting clean he apparently is still into doing terrible things to his body. Perhaps he’s angling to launch his own Man v. Food spinoff? Anyhow, behold photo evidence of this fea(s)t below.