Sir Babygirl – “Heels”

Sir Babygirl is the project of New Hampshire-based musician Kelsie Hogue, and she’ll be releasing her debut album early next year. That’s still a ways away, but today she’s sharing a new single, “Heels,” that’s indicative of the project’s insular pop that has widescreen ambitions.

“Heels” is grounded by a muddy, shuffling beat, and Hogue’s voice does a lot of the heavy lifting here, providing the track with a forward momentum that leaves it ambiguous as to whether it’s running away from something bad or towards something more hopeful. Or maybe it’s a little bit of both. The show-stopper moment comes when Hogue insists, “You don’t know me anymore/ I changed my hair, I changed my hair, I changed my…,” the last word dissolving into a scream that suggests mutability.

“‘Heels’ came from my experience entering the queer dating scene and all the specific pain and joy that comes from that,” Hogue told Notion. “I was coming out of a string of disappointing half relationships that felt like they ended before they could even begin. I wrote this song to attempt to free myself from that cycle but also give myself some closure.”

Listen to it below.

Sir Babygirl’s debut album is out next year via Father/Daughter Records.

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