Andrew Rinehart – “Off On A Roll With The Soul”

Andrew Rinehart – “Off On A Roll With The Soul”

“Off On A Roll With A Soul” is the first in a slew of singles that oddball pop artist Andrew Rinehart is gearing up to release this year. Last we heard from him was the industrial-sounding single called “Protect,” produced by See Tai. After spending time in the DIY scenes in New York City and LA, the Louisville native is about to exit grad school, and he’s got a lot to say about the experiences he’s amassed on the evergreen topic of love.

On his new song, Rinehart shows off a hooky, whacked-out spin on the distorted pop of Ariel Pink (Rinehart used to perform at Basic Flowers, a DIY space co-funded by Pink) and dips into grumblings of Americana. “Off On A Roll With A Soul” has a rattling groove to it, and it’s probably going to get stuck in your head after one listen. Rinehart’s singsongy lyrics rumble and roll alongside a criminally catchy riff when he sings, “Everyone thinks and then drinks and then sinks in their holes/ Everyone drives and then cries through their eyes and then dies.”

Listen below.

“Off On A Roll With The Soul” is out 8/31 on SonaBlast. Pre-order it here. Rinehart plays the Rec Center in Los Angeles on 9/6.

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