Watch Danny Brown Debut New Songs On Twitch

The great Detroit rap hyena Danny Brown is a gamer, and he likes to broadcast his gaming exploits on the popular live streaming platform Twitch. Last night, as Pitchfork reports, Brown streamed himself playing the great half-JRPG, half-life simulator game Persona 5, and he soundtracked nearly the entire two-hour session with his own unreleased music. “This shit ain’t coming out, it’s only for Twitch,” he clarified, explaining that none of the samples in the songs are cleared and joking about making the “first Twitch album ever.” Watch and listen below.

Watch You Know What Im Saying? from xdannyxbrownx on

I literally just started a new game in Persona 5 last night, so I guess Danny Brown and I are on the same wavelength. Cool. Now I’m off to go play Persona 5.

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