No Rome – “Narcissist” (Feat. The 1975)

No Rome is an artist from Manila, based in London, signed to the 1975’s record label Dirty Hit. He works pretty closely with the 1975’s Matty Healy on his music — Healy once compared their collaborations to a sexual relationship — so you won’t be surprised to learn that No Rome embraces an aesthetic similar to the 1975’s. Based on a cursory survey, it’s pop music of a sort, but just arty enough to exist left of the mainstream. Some of the same retro touch points inform its point of view. The big question is whether dude has enough of a personality to make the tunes stand out.

Releasing a song featuring the 1975 is not necessarily the way to prove you are your own artist, but as a means to get people to pay attention, you are watching it work in real time. So kudos to the Dirty Hit family on your savvy marketing operation. For what it’s worth, No Rome told Zane Lowe today that he and the 1975 have all been in LA together working on their respective records — No Rome’s RIP Indo Hisashi EP and the 1975’s A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships — and that Healy heard a demo and asked to be featured on the track, so it may have all arisen organically.

As for the song, which (but of course) is called “Narcissist” — well, it sounds like a 1975 song on the softer, more impressionistic electro-pop side of that band’s spectrum. “Take a picture of my flaws,” goes one lyric. “You could take a video on your phone.” Hear it below.