The Mystery of the Vanishing Sean Preston Federline Photos

The Mystery of the Vanishing Sean Preston Federline Photos

Looks like legitimate frameable photos of young Master Federline are in the wild, originally due to appear in People next week and subsequently pulled at her Fedliness’ request. Considering the attention we recently got from another famously suit-happy organization, all we’re going to do is link to the new photos with the URL we got around midnight.

The following apology appeared at what seems to be one of the original sources:

I am sorry to whomever I have offended. The images were sent to me in an email stating that they would appear in people magazine?s next issue, the following week. I did not steal the images and have no connection with the stealing of the images. I do not know who the person that sent the images to me is, but I can say that they know who they are, and they know what they did was wrong, as did i. To Britney, Kevin, Sean, Jive Records, SONYBMG, and anyone else affected by this: I am deeply sorry for any pain I have caused you. The images will never be on this website again. I have strongly urged all of the websites in connection with the release of these images to remove them as soon as possible. I do not have the images in any size large than I posted on my website. The images, as of now, have been destroyed. As soon as I learned of Britneys not selling the images at all and after I was contacted by various media companies asking me for the images (which I did not compy to), I immediately removed the images from the internet. This website will be down for ever how long it will take to have this serious wrong doing over with. Once again, Britney, I am deeply sorry and regret the fact that these images surfaced.

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