John Grant – “He’s Got His Mother’s Hips” & “Touch & Go”

Here they are: two very different new songs from John Grant’s upcoming Love Is Magic.

The first, “He’s Got His Mother’s Hips,” is a funky, synthetic new wave jam that reminds me of Berlin-era Bowie. Sample lyric: “He does the Hokey Pokey/ Now the room is getting smokey/ He won’t read you your rights/ Before they turn out the lights.” In a press release, Grant says the song is “about a cheeseball doing all he can to get into a woman’s pants, making a total ass of himself. It’s a fun song built on disgust.”

Today’s other new Grant song is a lot more reverent and respectful. “Touch & Go,” an easy listening soft-rocker with an electronic fringe, is a tribute to the life of Chelsea Manning. It includes childhood flashbacks, such as: “Did you play with Barbie dolls/ When no one else was around?/ Pardon me if I sound ignorant/ But the change is so profound/ What was going through your head/ As they struck you down to the ground?” About this one, Grant writes, ““I was very touched by her incredible story. What kind of strength does it take to survive like that, hated by people who say she’s a pervert who doesn’t deserve to live?”

Listen to both tracks below.

Love Is Magic is out 10/12 on Partisan. Pre-order it here.

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