Stream Haru Nemuri’s Insane Kick In The World EP

Haru Nemuri is a Japanese woman making some of the wildest genre-defiant music I’ve heard in a while.

Her debut album Haru To Shura, which dropped earlier this summer, found her fearlessly rail-sliding across the dividing lines between J-pop, rap, electronica, and hard rock. Art Angels would be a suitable reference point, if Grimes was Japanese and performing with her finger in an electronic socket and it all took place inside a video game. Everything is blown-out to a widescreen post-rock scope yet feels jarringly immediate. The music is visionary and richly layered, the performance enthusiastic and dialed-in. The first song is called “MAKE MORE NOISE OF YOU,” and although I don’t know what that means, I am pretty sure it does indeed make more noise of you. Like, it converts your physical being into violent waves of sound upon exposure. The whole album is a truly batshit piece of work.

Today Nemuri is back with the Kick In The World EP, featuring six versions of the insane title track. We get remixes from various figures and an acoustic finale, all of them punctuated with shouts of “KICK IN THE WORLD!” They’re all worth your while, which is not something I often say about remixes. But the main attraction is Nemuri’s original “Kick In The World.” The song tricks you into thinking it’s some kind of ultralounge J-pop house music until about 40 seconds in, when an entire rock ‘n’ roll orchestra crash lands on you all at once. Things only get more epic from there. I think I’m in love.

Check out the Kick In The World EP and the “Kick In The World” video below, and stick around for the whole Haru To Shura album while you’re at it.

Both Haru To Shura and Kick In The World are out now on Perfect Music.

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