It Looks Sad. – “Drool”

A few years ago, It Looks Sad. put out a 2014 self-titled EP and a 2015 7″, both promising, before falling off the map. In the time since, the Charlotte, NC-based project went through a couple permutations, eventually solidifying around the duo of Jimmy Turner and Alex Ruiz.

On their upcoming debut full-length, Sky Lake, the band has largely abandoned the sharpened edges and big choruses that characterized their earliest releases, opting for something more gauzy and dreamlike. But the project has lost none of its penchant for epic moments — they’re just more like a very deep hole rather than a very large tower.

New single “Drool” is sweeping and melodic. “All I really wanna do is sit around and drool with you all day,” Turner sings. “You watch TV/ I fall asleep/ You drool on me.” It’s either about a very normal dog or a very intimate relationship, and aren’t they really one in the same? It documents the kind of codependency that slides into complacency, the sort of sleepy comfort that can be dangerous to fall into for too long, when your sense of self melts away for something easier.

Listen to “Drool” and another song from the album, “Light,” below.

01 “Shave”
02 “Bike”
03 “Sisters”
04 “Light”
05 “Faded”
06 “Seaweed”
07 “Drool”
08 “Graves”
09 “Everyday”
10 “Palms”
11 “Fantasy”
12 “Pig”
13 “Moria”
14 “Visor”
15 “Stranger”

Sky Lake is out 11/2 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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