Pill – “Fruit” Video

The Brooklyn post-punk band Pill are back today with the announcement of a second full-length album titled Soft Hell that’s due out this October. The LP follows the band’s excellent first album and Mexican Summer debut, Convenience. Along with the news of a new release in the works, the four-piece are also sharing a new song today called “Fruit.”

This is not the first time that Pill have sung (read: growled) about fruit, as you may recall in previous works such as the 2017 single “Piña Queen.” As for the new track, it’s a propulsive vamp that explores the paralysis of political anxiety. “If one can take over, they can all fall,” urges lead singer Veronica Torres before she snarls, “Fall down, domino-no.”

Pill does sardonic social criticism, skronky guitar riffs, and spooky sax solos with as much bite as they always have. However, the NYC band aren’t as concerned as you might think with polemicizing or making “soapbox, manifesto music,” emphasized drummer Andrew Spaulding in a press release. “Calling this political music in 2018 is basically redundant.”

Pill’s music tends to operate on a tension-release dynamic, centered around catharsis and physicality. “Fruit” is no different, and judging by the sound of it, their upcoming album is an extremely promising (and wonderfully raucous) one. The song arrives with a video directed by Eli Welbourne featuring lots of hands in action around a banquet table. Watch below.

01 “A.I.Y.M?”
02 “Dark Glass”
03 “Fruit”
04 “HAHA”
05 “Sin Compromiso”
06 “Soft Hell”
07 “Softer Side”
08 “Double Think”
09 “Midtown”
10 “Plastic”
11 “Power Abuser”
12 “OK”

Soft Hell is out 10/28 via Mexican Summer.