Steady Hands – “Indifferent Belushi”

Since Modern Baseball went on hiatus last year, most of its members have devoted themselves to side projects they had been fostering on their off-time. Jake Ewald has been occupied with Slaughter Beach, Dog, Ian Farmer has the Lame-O’s, and drummer Sean Huber is part of the social-club-cum-band known as Steady Hands.

It started as Huber’s solo project in 2012 and has gradually expanded to include a strong roster of Philadelphia musicians. A few years back, they compiled every song they had released over a five year span into a collection called Rude Boys Of Bar Rock, and later this year they’ll put out their first proper debut album, Truth In Comedy.

True to its title, the first single for the album takes its lead from one of comedy’s most notorious party animals, both on-screen and, more tragically, off. “Indifferent Belushi” is a party song about regretting being at the party, and it rocks just as much as it is theatrical. “Feelin’ like an indifferent Belushi/ On stage at the end of a party,” Huber sings. “I just don’t feel like myself these days/ And I don’t want to be here anymore.”

Listen below.

01 “40x’
02 “No More Funerals”
03 “New Tattoo”
04 “Saint Lucas”
05 “Indifferent Belushi”
06 “Drop D And Dance Beats”
07 “Old House”
08 “Magazines”
09 “Better Days”
10 “Christmas At The ‘Vous”

Truth In Comedy is out 10/19 via Lame-O Records. Pre-order it here (physical) or here (digital).

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