Low – “Rome (Always In The Dark)” Video

Have you heard this new Low album, Double Negative? It’s streaming right now, and if my man Ryan Leas’ writeup didn’t convince you it’s a record you need to hear at least once, you are a very hard person to persuade. Or maybe you just don’t have a taste for music that’s “disconcertingly pretty in the way some terrifying images can be disconcertingly pretty, like the vivid colors in an all-consuming wildfire, or the lacerations that particularly vicious storms cut across the sky,” music that “doesn’t sound like almost anything else out there” — in which case we’ll probably never be on the same wavelength.

Anyway, even though the whole record is online for the hearing, they’re teasing tomorrow’s official release today with one last advance music video. The song in question is the rippling, fraying, harrowing ballad “Rome (Always In The Dark),” which joins Les Savy Fav’s Rome (Written Upside Down) in the pantheon of indie rock classics titled Rome followed by a parenthetical.

Directed by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson, the video is a series of distorted graphics that match the music’s ethos of disintegrating sound and culture. Even though it’s a good aesthetic pairing, normally we wouldn’t post a video that amounts to a glorified screen saver for a song that’s already been readily available to the public. We’re making an exception here to give Double Negative some extra positive reinforcement because goddamn, what a record.

Watch below.

Double Negative is out 9/14 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.