Alex Cameron Saxophonist Roy Molloy Saves Drowning Kid

With Hurricane Florence making landfall this past week, the waters up and down the American East Coast have been choppier and more dangerous than usual. There have been drownings miles away from the Carolinas, and one indie rock musician has helped save a kid’s life.

If you’ve ever seen the sly Australian rocker Alex Cameron, you’ve also seen Roy Molloy. Molloy is the saxophonist who adds the slick ’80s textures to Cameron’s music. He’s also Cameron’s business partner, and he seems to do every interview with Cameron. And this past weekend, Molloy pulled a kid out of the water at Rockaway Beach in Queens.

Cameron tweeted about Molloy’s rescue, writing that Molloy is a “full time operator” who “Jumped in off the rocks and got to him before he drowned.” Meanwhile, as Pitchfork points out, the local CBS affiliate in New York City interviewed Molloy, who told the story about he and a surfer brought a boy to safety. Here’s Cameron’s tweet and Molloy’s response:

And here’s the news report: