J.I.D – “151 Rum”

The 27-year-old Atlanta rapper J.I.D is a furiously, explosively talented young talents, and it’s hard to even think about what he could do if his career keeps going the way it’s been going. J.I.D, part of J. Cole’s Dreamville roster, is a twisty and incisive fast-rapper with an eccentric sense of flow and a whole lot to say. I slept on his debut album, last year’s The Never Story. I won’t be making the same mistake with the new LP DiCaprio 2.

J.I.D worked closely with the late Mac Miller on the new album, and he was planning to serve as opening act on the tour that Mac had planned. The album is the sequel to a mixtape that J.I.D released in 2015. First single “151 Run” is a tricky and intoxicating rap workout with a meditative, bass-heavy beat co-produced by Christo and Nice Rec. Below, listen to the track and read what J.I.D has written about the new album.

On Instagram, J.I.D writes:

Aight here we go bruh, I got a new record coming out 9/19/2018 to begin this Dicaprio2 journey, I put out the first Dicaprio on my soundcloud February 2015(it’s still there if u wana go listen) this project isn’t like the nevrr story or anything u heard from me b4, it isn’t my gkmc or whatever else your are expecting it to be “headass”lol its not what I expected it to be but I love it and I appreciate the journey it took me through to get me here, each song feels like a individual film to me, mac came thru and helped post produce and organize on almost every song on here, I worked on being a better writer, even outside of punchlines and shit, like I can rap all fuckn day but I like writing songs and shit too, whatever, like I really just challenged my self to becoming better, period, plus me and you guys(us) have formed a special bond and that can’t be taken lightly, i appreciate every like, follow, message anyone that has ever sent, told someone about my music, trolled me, anything, thank u, hope you guys enjoy this trip we about to take, p.s I wrote all this shit but I wouldn’t read it if someone else wrote it Lmfaoo it’s just a lot, lol if U still reading this u really love me and you care lmfao, I care too and I love ya so I’m still writing this, ok, gotta take off to Berlin Now, love ya, p.s.s this album is for car rides, working out and smoke sessions(in cars) or wherever u wana smoke that’s sonically friendly.

DiCaprio 2 is coming sometime soon.

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