Pip Blom – “Come Home”

Pip Blom is the name of a four-piece band from Amsterdam, and it’s also the name of their very talented leader, because if you’ve got a name that good you shouldn’t let it go to waste. Pip Blom have been putting out music for a few years now, accumulating a sizable collection of songs that all have the same flickering intensity. Next month, they’re releasing a new EP, Paycheck. They’ve already shared one song from it, “Pussycat,” and today they’re unveiling another one, “Come Home.”

“Come Home” is built around a a persistent tense, hypnotic guitar tone, adorned with skittering drums and scratchy noise. Blom’s voice sounds swallowed-up but defiant, steadfast in her decision to stay away. “You’re waiting staring at your telephone/ You think that I’m the one to call home,” she sings. “You’re wasting more than you could ever know/ You wish that I’m the one to come home.” The song disintegrates as it continues, a repetitive pattern that’s finally had enough.

Listen below.

The Paycheck EP is out 10/5 (digitally) and 11/9 (vinyl) via Persona Non Grata. Pre-order it here.

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