Microwave – “Keeping Up”

Back in 2016, the Atlanta-based band Microwave released their sophomore album, Much Love, which led us to name them a Band To Watch for their high-octane blend of infectious hooks and sadsack fury. Today, they’ve shared a brand-new song, presumably off an upcoming full-length.

“Keeping Up” eschews the heavy riffs and crunchy turns of their last album; instead, it gets all of its power from a pervasive sense of atmosphere. It’s a sick-of-the-road song, with Nathan Hardy lamenting the lifestyle of a musician, being on tour all of the time and away from family and friends and anything that gives consistent shape to a transient life.

He dreams of having a day job, he’s stressed about rising housing costs making the city he wants to return to untenable. “I’m outside every inside joke, with my busted ears ringing,” he sings. “God knows I miss being at home.”

Listen below.

“Keeping Up” is out now.

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