Petite Noir – “Beach” (Feat. Danny Brown & Nukubi Nukubi)

Petite Noir, the South African singer-songwriter born Yannick Ilunga, was one of the guest stars on Danny Brown’s 2016 masterpiece Atrocity Exhibition, lending his vocals to the minimalist lurch “Rolling Stone.” Today Brown returns the favor with a guest spot on “Beach,” a song from Petite Noir’s new mini-album La Maison Noir / The Black House. Both on the tracklist and in the album rollout, it follows triumphal opening track “Blame Fire.”

“Beach,” which also features a somewhat mysterious figured named Nukubi Nukubi, continues to unfold the lumbering majesty that marked the prior single. Ilunga’s commanding vocals spread like Nutella across the beat, and Brown delivers a typically electrifying verse in his trademark hyena yowl. The contrast between their voices adds a special dynamism to an already energetic piece of music. It actually reminds me of something you might hear on the Black Panther soundtrack, and I mean that as a huge compliment.

Listen below.

La Maison Noir / The Black House is out 10/5 on Roya. Pre-order it here.