Col3trane – “Tyler” Video

Col3trane is a London teen making pop-leaning R&B. His recent single “Tyler,” the closing track on his EP-length Boot mixtape, reminds me of early Frank Ocean, which is apparently a comparison he gets a lot. Col3trane is a bit slicker than that, though; there’s a touch of Ocean’s one-time rival Miguel in his crisp, computerized approach, as well as big-budget stylists like Drake and Travis Scott.

The last time I compared an R&B-adjacent teenage singer to Frank Ocean, it was Khalid, who soon proved to be way too vanilla to be spoken of in the same breath as the guy who made Blonde. But in both cases Ocean is an undeniable influence on their musical instincts, be it their melodies or their genre-resistant production. Boot isn’t going to change anyone’s life, but it’s at least making me curious about what else Col3trane might have in store.

Anyway, “Tyler” gets a video today, directed by Felix Brady. It’s a worthy introduction to Col3trane, so check it out, and if you dig, stick around for the full Boot experience.