Posthumous Leonard Cohen Album In The Works

There’s a posthumous Leonard Cohen album in the works, according to his son Adam Cohen. In a new interview with CBC Radio (via Pitchfork), his son said that Cohen left behind a collection of unfinished songs. “I was tasked with finishing a few more songs of his that we started together on the last album, so his voice is literally still in my life. It’s a bizarre and delicious entanglement,” he said. “To make a long story short, I believe that there are some really beautiful new songs of Leonard Cohen that no one’s heard that are at some point going to come out.”

Cohen’s final album, You Want It Darker, found the legendary musician reflecting on his imminent departure. Per Cohen’s son, during the recording of that album: “I would implore him, even though I knew he was in a delicate state, I’d say, ‘Dad, just read this, just read this poem to a metronome and we’ll look at it later.’ Some of my favorite poems of his are actually in the vault and I was tasked with finishing them.”

Adam Cohen was being interviewed about a new collection of Leonard Cohen poetry called The Flame, which is out next week.